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Keir Graham by stich76 Keir Graham by stich76
NAME: Keir Graham

ALIAS: X10-530

AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 5' 8"


AFFILIATION: Villain-unwillingly though

PERSONALITY: He's a bit timid at first but can become a bit of a chatter box when introduction time is over and a connection is made. He's very sweet and does his best to help people find what they need. He makes sure to inform people of his triggers if he fears they might be able to cause them as quickly as possible. When X10 he's very cynical and has a deep rooted hatred for basically anything that breaths. X10 does not rush of course, he takes his time, calculates, and makes sure Keir is kept safe during his destruction sprees showing the very small amount of "good" X10 has.

HISTORY: Born on Hezsc's equivalent of Scotland, Keir had a fairly average life. His dad got him interested in sports-regardless of the fact he could never seem to get the muscle to perform-while his mother encouraged his creative side in the form of painting and music. Keir found both the things his parents put on him as more of hobby things, his real interests being in history and artifacts.
When he got to college age, Keir started getting pressed for money. He worked at a small curio shop selling antiques and objects from other worlds, but it didn't pay enough. He managed to get a second job though, although it turned out to be a bit of a mistake. Keir managed to get a job as a human test subject thinking it would be easy money. While he was in fact paid well, it was to keep his mouth shut about the fact he was hired by an illegitimate firm.
Keir was tested for some basic things at first, placebo effects, stimulation, boosters, etc. After a few months of easy cash though, the tests got notched up drastically. Keir was told he was being given a vaccine to a newly discovered virus. When Keir asked what the virus was, the injection was given and a true explanation was told. He was actually being tested to see if average people could be made into heroes with a simple shot, and made into super soldiers.
Shocked Keir instantly began to flip his shit making the doctors have to force him to calm down. Or try anyway. As it would turn out, their latest version of the serum did in fact allow for "super powers" in the subject, although the ability to make them into soldiers flew out the window as Keir became X10 and began devouring the scientists. In a few hours the facility was void of life and X10 slunk off much larger and ended up making Keir's life rather miserable.

POWER/ABILITY/WEAPONS: When triggered by blood, violence, being attacked, etc. Keir begins to secrete a thick, greasy black goo from every orifice -eyes, mouth, nose, ears, even his skin. The goo itself is capable of-
Hardening to a nearly impenetrable state: this is, mainly, to keep Keir safe. It can only do this to a single area at a time so can also use it for creating weaponry.
Absorbing-the goo can "devour" just about anything it kills and can gain mass. The more it eats the more shapes it can take as it grows around Keir.
Instant healing-when done with its rampages or when Keir has been highly damaged, the goo will retreat back into Keir and instantly heal him.

WEAKNESS: When becoming X10 or returning to being Keir, Keir is extremely vulnerable due to the pain of change/the energy draining of having been X10. X10 while immune to most physical attacks is weak to elements-mostly cold-and cannot always keep Keir safe. Keir is an average human so he cannot take much damage without the possibility of death.

Other: Keir can play harmonica. he got his bracelet from the shop be works at. He wears kilts on special occasions. He enjoys games like Journey and Animal crossing as they lack much violence that can trigger him. He likes lizards, ferrets, and small dogs. He's slightly nervous around birds as a friend's parrot bit him when he was a kid. He likes chick flicks and cookie dough ice cream.
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Oh my, slime monster X3
stich76 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
heheheh, yes eue Acidge has sludgy competition now *shot*
stich76 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
X10: *heheheh*
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